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Convert Club

I am lucky enough to live near a temple and I like to go often. I set a goal for myself to do a certain number of baptisms this year. It's an ambitious goal and I need to go frequently if I'm going to meet it. But I have to balance this with the needs of my (non-member) family. The last thing I want is for them to resent time I take away from them. Many weeks this means that it makes the most sense for me to go on Friday night and Saturday morning. This week was no exception.

Last night when I was there a kind young man baptized me, and I was delighted when I saw him there again today. I don't know if other temples are set up this way, but at our temple (Seattle WA) the baptismal font itself is in a room enclosed with glass. A viewing area directly across from it, but the glass wall means that quiet conversation can still be had while watching, without disrupting the ordinances. This young man and I sat in the viewing area and wondered why each of us had been there two days in a row. I told him about my goal and showed him the small book I keep in my purse to track how many I have done.

He told me a bit of his story. He's 19 and his family is away for the week and he's struggling with feeling alone and needing peace. He is the only member in his family and its hard for his parents to understand and support him. "Being a convert is hard", I offer. We exchange a knowing glance. Then my name is called and the conversation is over. He offers me a fist-bump and with a smile says, "convert club." I repeat it back to him, "convert club."

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