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Convert's Coffee

At this point in my faith development, I abstain from coffee because I'm told to. I don't have any big spiritual reasons why. For me, right now, it's a question of: Can you obey what you're asked to do, or can't you? Perhaps later I will have a better, more spiritual reason for it. But for now, that's where I'm at.

But I live in Seattle, and coffee-culture is real.

It's not like I was a huge coffee drinker before. Giving it up was barely a blip on the radar for me. But it's cold and dark here - the Seattle area got all of 20 minutes TOTAL of unfiltered sunshine in the month of January - and I like to drink something warm when I wake up. So, like many converts, the search for a coffee replacement began.

I've gone through several iterations of replacement coffee, but for now have settled on this. It's made from vanilla nut, almonds, dats and figs. No black tea, no coffee. I add some protein shake as a creamer and its the best substitute I've come up with. It doesn't necessarily taste like black coffee, but more like a milky vanilla latte. They sell it in the grocery store near me, but I noticed Amazon has it too.

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