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My Endowment was last Saturday. I won't say very much about it here because its just too personal. But here is what I can say...

- It was way more normal than I expected. People talk about it being so odd or different, but its really just religious people doing what religious people have done for centuries.

- It was way weirder than I expected. Some of the wording caught my attention. When I mentioned it to a friend last she said, "THAT'S what you thought was weird? Some wording? Not all the other things going on?!"

- People have fallen over themselves to offer me help. Both inside the temple and in conversations outside of it. I love seeing the passion that people have for the temple work and their generosity to share it with me.

- It's a lot to manage. On the day I was so focused on the physical aspects of what was happening (when do I put this piece on? HOW do I put this on? What am I supposed to do again?) That it didn't leave a lot of space for contemplation in my own head. I'm going back this week with a friend and hopefully I wont be so distracted by the mechanics and can settle into meaning.

- More than once I freaked out a bit and said out loud: OH wait!! Whose name am I taking through the temple?? Oh. Mine. I am taking my own name through. Never mind.

Overall, it was great and I'm so pleased with this journey.

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