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From Clergy to Convert

I recently learned about Stephen Gibson's book From Clergy to Convert. It seems to have last been published in the 1980's and contains 14 stories of non-Mormon clergy who convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Amazon assures me this book with arrive on my doorstep early next week. But I think I probably already know how most of these stories go.

See, I used to be ordained clergy in the Anglican Church. I gave it up to be baptized into the LDS church 4 months ago.

I've received a wide variety of reactions from people when they find this out about me. I'll pass on posting about the reactions of my family, but the reactions from others have been all across the spectrum.

  • "Wait. I thought you said you converted to the MORMON church. That would be crazy!"

  • "Why in the world would you do that when so many people are leaving your new church?"

  • "After working for over a decade to become ordained you just throw it away?!?!"

  • "So, you're not a Christian anymore? Why?"

Being an adult convert is lonely business sometimes. Being a CLERGY convert is beyond the pale. So I was delighted to come across this book and will be sure to say more about it after I read it.

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