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Heavenly Parents

It was one year ago this month that I attended a LDS service for the first time. It was Father's Day and there was just enough time for me to pop into one of the services. I could not have been more shocked when one of the speakers started talking about Heavenly Mother.

Wait. What? There is a Heavenly Mother?

I remember wondering to myself if this was something the speaker had made up himself, or if it was something the church believed. When I found out that it is a belief of the church, I was shocked. And SO confused. I wasn't confused about the concept (Actually, I think I immediately took to it) but that this concept seemed so liberal. In the conservative churches I had attended my whole life, you would get yourself excommunicated for even suggesting that such a thing was possible. It would be considered the most offensively liberal idea ever. And here these Mormons were just sitting and listening to this man, with no pitchforks in sight.

The contrast was intriguing. The contradiction of it all (at least in my mind at that time) was a puzzle that I needed to figure out. That moment alone propelled my early conversion forward by about 20 miles.

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