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On Friendship

I was a bit nervous when this podcast was published. It's hard to be vulnerable and private all at the same time. I knew there would be a few negative comments from folks (and the internet did not disappoint! Hilariously so, in my opinion) but what I didn't expect was the overwhelming number of kind messages I received from friends and strangers alike.

And it made me remember this quote which Joseph Smith wrote in his journal, "How good and glorious it has seemed unto me, to find pure and holy friends, who are faithful, just, and true. . . .

In the name of the Lord, I feel in my heart to bless them. . . .These love the God that I serve; they love the truths that I promulgate. . . .I prayed for them with anxious and fervent desire. . . . They shall not want a friend while I live."

I count that episode a great success if for no other reason than it introduced me to some new friends.

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