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Questions I've Received

Answers to questions I have received. I am happy to engage in conversation with anyone on this issue, but these are some basic questions that seem appropriate for 1 place.

1) Yes, I converted into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and no its not a cult.

2) Yes, I am still a Christian and love Jesus very much.

3) No I don't worship Joseph Smith, and no I don't think he was perfect (by a long shot).

4) Yes, the church used to practice polygamy. And now we don't.

5) I don't believe that I will get my own planet, be eternally pregnant or any of the other weird things I was taught the LDS believe.

6) No, I'm not out to convert you into being a Mormon.

7) Yes, we use the Bible and the entire church is focused on studying the New Testament this year.

8) No, I don't wear temple garments yet, and if you want to have a conversation about my underwear we better know each other pretty well, or you must be very sincerely seeking.

9) Yes, I have read the entire Book of Mormon. Yes, I know there are some crazy and improbable stories in there, just like in the Bible.

10) No I don't hate LBGTQ+ people.

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